Soil Stabilization and Full-Depth Reclamation Services

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Full-Depth Reclamation

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Recycling Saves Money & Resources!


Full-depth reclamation (FDR) uses the old surface and base material. There's no need to haul in aggregate or haul out old material for disposal. Truck traffic is reduced, and there is little or no waste. Most importantly, recycling costs are normally at least 25% to 50% less than the removal and replacement of the old surface.


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Soil Stabilization & Soil Modification

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Benefits of Soil Stabilization


Lime can be used to treat soils in order to improve their workability and load-bearing characteristics in a number of situations.


1) The structural contribution of lime-stabilized layers in pavement design can create more cost-effective design alternatives. 2) lime stabilization provides performance benefits that reduce maintenance cost. 3) In addition to stabilization of new materials, lime is an excellent choice for reclamation of roadbases


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Some of Our Featured Projects


Building Pad Soil Stabilization for Shaw’s Distribution Expansion

Terra Firma was called on to Stabilize a building pad that was +/- 600,000 s.f. for Shaw Industries, a global manufacturer of flooring products that is expanding a distribution facility.    The geo technical engineer tested the soil and came back with a mix design consisting of 5% cement by weight at 12″ deep.  This […]


Shaw Plant HW in South Pittsburg

Shaw was in the process of building a new addition when they were faced with a large area of undercut where the new parking lot was going.  They had already undercut the area 3 feet and still had not reached good material.  The geo tech recommended backfill with stone and a layer of geo grid […]